One thousand sewing machines disappeared, Dept. of Minorities Welfare negligent

One thousand sewing machines disappeared, Dept. of Minorities Welfare negligent

Hyderabad: Despite the scam of the disappearance of 1000 sewing machines coming to the limelight, Dept. of Minorities Welfare is avoiding any probe into it.

According to the details, Minorities Finance Corporation prepared a plan to distribute one thousand sewing machines under self-employment scheme. In this connection, some training partners were also included and through them sewing machines were to be distributed.

It is reported that the officials of Finance Corporation received commission for purchasing below standard machines.

In some of the localities, a few machines were distributed and wide publicity was given in the newspapers.

It may be mentioned that in Karwan Assembly Constituency, 1000 sewing machines were allotted for distribution. Records show that fake names were entered and no machines were given to beneficiaries.

Amounts were continued to be released to the training centers without verifying their functioning. Officers of the Finance Corporation are said to be involved in this scam.

It may be mentioned that earlier such scam took place in the purchase of computers also.

No action has been taken to recover Rs. 59 crore from Vijay Bank. It is reported that right from Director’s level to level officials were involved in this scam.

Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare, Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel sought a report from Minorities Finance Corporation about this scam but no satisfactory reply was given to him.

It may be mentioned that Mr. Shafiullah, who is MD of Minorities Finance Corporation has been assigned the additional responsibility of residential schools due to which he is not able to concentrate on the functioning of Finance Corporation.

Whenever, the chairman of Minorities Finance Corporation, Mr. Syed Akbar Husain points out irregularities, these are overlooked.

There is a need to probe into all such irregularities so that the functioning of Minorities Finance Corporation could be set right.

–Siasat News

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