Otomo Marketing Scholarship 2017

Otomo Marketing Scholarship 2017
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Otomo Marketing Scholarship 2017:
Otomo invites applications for Otomo Marketing Scholarship 2017 from undergraduate and postgraduate students with creative mind and passion for jewelry or writing.

The participants need to submit a written piece on the topic ‘How the Internet has Changed Marketing in the Past 20 Years’ to avail this scholarship program.

Who can apply for this scholarship:
Students currently studying at college/university/high school are eligible to apply.

Students in the field of Marketing, Business, Art and Design, IT or Communications can apply.

Students having a passion for content creation and willing to work in an online business are eligible.

How can you apply:
Step 1: Write and save your essay in pdf file format, if having a personal website or blog, include the link to it.

Step 2: Send the complete essay to [email protected] with the following details.Personal details such as name, phone number, and addressInstitute’s name where studying right nowArea of studyPhotocopy of the Student ID card.

Terms and Conditions:
Points to remember:The topic to write an essay on is ‘How the Internet has Changed Marketing in the Past 20 Years’.

The subtopics to be included are: ‘Why is internet marketing important?’ and ‘What’s the future of internet marketing?’ The content will be judged on several criteria such as creativity, content value, and the information.