“Owaisi Vs Raja Singh Jugalbandi”: A desperate attempt to communalise Telangana ahead of 2019?

“Owaisi Vs Raja Singh Jugalbandi”: A desperate attempt to communalise Telangana ahead of 2019?

Hyderabad: In a bid to communalise and disturb the peaceful atmosphere of Hyderabad, the communal parties seem to have swung into action.

Known for making provocative statements, leaders of both the parties caught setting the stage for 2019 polls, but this time things gone below the belt and dragged families on road.

It started with a meeting which was organized to mark the birth anniversary of esteemed Prophet Mohammed (SAWS), the prophet who taught us to respect other faiths, human decency, integrity and sensitivity through self-restraint — a virtue that encompasses forgiveness, patience, abstention from injury, truth, sweetness of speech, benevolence, and freedom from malice.

Yet we often see cases where these unambiguous teachings are ignored by Muslim leaders in their speeches. A possible reason could be their ‘political ambitions’ that blinded them to the clarity of those teachings.

While addressing with Milad-un-Nabi meeting at Darus-Salaam in Hyderabad, the President of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi coins “Aurangabad ka paan” remarks to indirectly taunt saffron forces for their inability to push the growth rate on par with Muslims.

Owaisi says, “If a child cannot be born, then there is a Pan shop in Aurangabad costing Rs.5000/-, the name of that shop is named ‘Tara Pan Shop’.”

He did not stop here, he goes on explaining the ingredients of pan which include Saffron, Honey, Ginger etc. He further advised them to “eat and if you succeed then come back and feed us the sweets.”

Video courtesy: News24 India

Viral video: Rudra Advertising

The video of his speech gone viral and provoke his communal counterpart Raja Singh of BJP to respond in a more cheaper manner.

Raja Singh in return abuses Islam relating Owaisi’s paan statement to the 1400 year old history indirectly referring to Islam. It reminds us of a versus in Holy Qur’an Surat al-‘An’Am 108:

Raja Singh did not stopped here, he dragged Owaisi’s family to his political Akhada even commented on his marital life and children.

What shocking here is the enthusiasm shown by the followers of both the sides who often fall into the traps of these so called leaders who have nothing to do the peace and development but to set up an stage for upcoming polls.

Reverse polarization is evident in the UP election where the statements of Muslim leaders antagonized the majority community and used as a tool to consolidate the vote bank of saffron party.

Are we heading towards a similar experiment in Telangana where 85% of the total population are Hindus and can be turned out to be a big vote bank for BJP? or is this a rehearsal ahead of next big battle to be fought in Karnataka?

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