Padmavati Row : Fighting for a Fictional character?

Padmavati Row : Fighting for a Fictional character?

Hyderabad: Almost a month long protest over an issue which has nothing to do with reality hasn’t come to end yet.
The film ‘Padmavati’ which was slated to be released on December 1st, 2017 has been postponed fearing outbreak of violence and destruction.

In reality, the character of ‘Padmavati’ is a fictional one. She is the Heroine of Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s Poem ‘Padmavat.’

Currently, few sections perceive her to be a real character which destroyed herself for the sake of honour and dignity.

What is ironic is that, on one side there is huge protest for a fictional character which has no role in real history, but on other side there is complete lack of social consciousness when women are subjected to rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment at workplace and other forms of physical and mental abuse. Had these protests be organised for real characters who are suffering since centuries, our society would have seen the new dawn where there is Gender equality, Gender Justice and Gender Dignity.

In the film ‘Padmavati,’ the character of Alauddin Khilji is shown in a negative shade, which is actually inaccurate.

It should not be forgotted that, it was Alauddin Khilji who guarded Indian frontiers from barbarous mongol attacks. It was Alauddin Khilji who initiated market reforms to ensure remunerative prices to the food producers. The largest standing army in Medieval India was created during Alauddin Khilji’s rule. But none of the muslim groups protested against the film. This is the real meaning of secularism, freedom of expression and thought.