Pak continues to provide platform to terrorists to spew venom against India, US

Pak continues to provide platform to terrorists to spew venom against India, US

Gujaranwala [Pakistan]: Terror outfit Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD) recently held a massive rally at Qila Mohammadia in district Gujaranwala of Pakistan’s Punjab province and organised in-absentia funeral prayers of Abdul Wahab, an LeT cadre killed in Jammu and Kashmir.

The above-mentioned event was addressed by senior functionaries of JuD – including Abdul Rahman Makki and Khalid Saif ul Islam. They delivered emotional speeches and motivated the youth to join ‘jihad’ against India.

While criticising Nawaz Sharif and his party, Makki said, “The PML(N) was founded by Zia-ul-Haque alongside the ‘Policy of Jihad’ against India and Russia. It was a moment of proud that Zia-ul-Haque was the creator of Jihadi forces and motivated the nation to follow the true path of Quran. But, in view of present scenario, it is apparent that PML(N) has forgotten the real purpose of its formation.”

Makki’s statement comes in the wake of recent announcement by JuD chief Hafiz Saeed that his organisation JuD was planning to contest the 2018 general elections under the banner of the Milli Muslim League, which is yet to be registered in the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Referring to Sartaz Aziz, Makki mentioned that they should not talk with the United States on Afghanistan and Kashmir.

“He should tell the US that they do not obey the U.S. policies. Pakistan is the winner and Pentagon is the looser and is without his Pants (trousers) now,” Makki said, in his speech.

JuD, also known as the political arm of Hafiz Saeed’s terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) openly supports `jihad’ against India and backs terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

While speaking at the funeral prayers of the militant, Makki said, “Abdul Wahab is not dead. He is very much alive. There is no need to share condolences with his parents. Yesterday, he was with his father and mother and now, he is with Allah. Is that achievement not enough?”

He added, “Those who laid their lives for Jihad are followers of anti-infidel ‘Ayats of Quran’.”

Makki mocked the United States and said, “Within three years, the US has been defeated and the Mujahideen have compelled all those US leaders – Colin Powel, Dick Cheney, Joseph etc. – to run away from the battle fronts. The US has been asking Pakistan to refrain backing the Taliban, to arrest Hafiz Saeed and to soften its stand on Kashmir issue.”

He sarcastically added while referring to US Defence Secretary James Mattis visit to Pakistan: “This is the situation of the ‘Most Powerful America’, which is now ranked among the bottom-ranking countries of the world.”

Abdul Rauf of JuD also called for more youth to join ‘jihad’. He said in his speech: “Allah loves martyrs and Jihadis love martyrdom. Mothers granting permission to their children to go and wake Jihad as described in Quran.”

He added, “In our training centres, JuD impart special training to learn and follow the true path described in Quran.”

This has led to an affirmation of the fact that the banned militant outfits in Pakistan have continued to hold rallies and spew venom against India and the United States.

Such rallies are routine in cities across Pakistan where militants openly call for a revolt against India and the United States, whereas the security agencies and judiciary act as mere spectators.


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