Here is why passport may no longer be a valid address proof

Here is why passport may no longer be a valid address proof

New Delhi: Passport may no longer be considered a valid address proof as the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is pondering over to do away with the last page of current passport, that contains holder’s address.

According to a report published by Hindustan Times, Surendera Kumar, the under-secretary of policy and legal matters at the consular, Passport and visa division of the ministry, said that the change might come into effect with the issuance of “next series” of passports.

The decision to keep the last page of a passport blank has been taken to save details of the holder, Kumar added.

The current passport has a photograph and other details on first page, while the address is mentioned on the last. MEA is also considering changing the colour of passports.

Currently, a Navy Blue cover is issued for ordinary travel. Diplomatic Passport has a Maroon cover and is issued to Indian diplomats. While an official Passport has a white cover and is issued to those representing the Indian government on official business.

Regular Passport is categorised under ECR and ECNR – for those who require an emigration check, ECR is issued; for those who do not, get an ECNR.

MEA may start issuing orange-coloured passports for people who are issued ECR to quicken emigration process.