Pawan Kalyan Says he has Strong Belief in Youth

Pawan Kalyan Says he has Strong Belief in Youth

Amravati: Jansena president and actor Pawan kalyam has said neither he is an agent nor a sycophant to anybody.

Addressing a meeting here, Pawan said there is a need to bring a change in the 2019 elections, and he has strong belief in youth.

The Jansena president averred that he has no fear and will not be cowed down by anybody’s pressure. He further stated that he will continue the fight to any extent if he has support of the people.

After performing Bhumipuja for Janasena office, Pawan kalyan said he will never resort to any caste or religion vote bank politics. People’s problems are his problems and he will fight till their problems were resolved, he said.

Janasena president has embarked on a political yatra to gauge the mood and understand the problems of the people in two Telugu states. He began his yatra from Telangana state.(NSS)