Petrol, Diesel prices hike, State Govt. gets more income

Petrol, Diesel prices hike, State Govt. gets more income

Hyderabad: With the continuous rise in Petrol and Diesel prices, Telangana Govt. is getting income of Rs. 1000 crore annually. During the past 17 days, the prices of Petrol and Diesel hiked on 14 different occasions which generated an additional income of Rs. 100 crore for the State.

In the interest of the people, it has become essential to bring Petrol and Diesel under the purview of GST.

It may be mentioned that during the past 4 years, the record increased in Petrol and Diesel prices were registered with has created anxiety among the vehicle users.

In the form of VAT, Govt. is getting Rs. 1000 crore annually.

The target of income fixed for land and house registration, transport and excise duty has already crossed. Govt. expects that due to the price rise of Petrol and Diesel, it will earn more income.

Due to the delegation of powers to the states to levy taxes on Diesel, Petrol and wine, State Govt. is getting Rs. 35.2 per liter on Petrol and Rs. 27 per liter on Diesel as an extra income.

–Siasat News

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