PM is always on ‘airplane mode’ and never on ‘work mode’: Rahul

Bengaluru (Karnataka): Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said the latter is either on airplane or speaker mode, but never on work mode.

The Congress chief made the remark while campaigning in Bengaluru Rural ahead of crucial Karnataka polls.

“There are three modes in a mobile phone, work mode, speaker mode and airplane mode. Modi Ji only uses speaker mode and airplane mode, he never uses work mode,” Gandhi said.

Earlier in the day, the Gandhi scion took a cycle ride in Karnataka’s Kolar region while campaigning for his party candidate.

Gandhi while campaigning in Kolar alleged that the Centre was looting public in the name of increasing fuel prices.
The Congress president, who rode a bicycle to protest against rising fuel prices in his ‘Jana Aashirwada Yatre’ in Kolar, appealed to the public to end governance of those favouring corrupt leaders.

On a related note, Rahul is expected to address multiple rallies in other parts of Karnataka later in the day as part of the 9th phase of his Jana Aashirwada Yatre.

Karnataka will go to polls on May 12 to elect representatives to their 225-seat assembly.
Results will be out on May 15. (ANI)

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