PM Modi should answer real questions on economy: Shatrughan Sinha

PM Modi should answer real questions on economy: Shatrughan Sinha
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New Delhi: Former actor and MP Shatrughan Sinha has said that it was high time the Modi government comes forward and face the public. In a series of tweets, Sinha expressed support to the former finance minister, Yashwant Sinha’s critical views on Indian Economy.

“The observations of Mr Yashwant Sinha on the state of the economy, strongly endorsed by me as well as many other thinking leaders. People from our party and outside, have been rapidly gaining strength and support over the last two days,” tweeted Shatrughan Sinha.

He asked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to appear before the press and answer real questions.

“Hope, wish and pray that our PM will at least once in a while show that he takes care of the middle class, the traders, small businesses all across the country and especially in Gujarat in the wake of the coming assembly elections,” tweeted Shatrughan.

Sinha said that there was a greater support from a larger cross-section of leaders and workers in the coming days to address the economic issues which is a matter of grave national importance.

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He ended his tweets with , “Long live BJP/NDA, Jai Bihar, Jai Maharashtra, Jai Gujarat and Jai Hind.”

On Thursday, MP Sinha in a series of tweets said that Yashwant Sinha was a true statesman and that his comments were in the interest of both the party and the nation.

“Mr Yashwant Sinha is a true statesman and a tried and tested man of wisdom, who has proven himself as one of the best and most successful finance ministers of the country,” he had written in a tweet.