PM Modi to inaugurate 60 MW Tuirial hydropower project in Aizawl

PM Modi to inaugurate 60 MW Tuirial hydropower project in Aizawl

Aizawl: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday arrived at Aizawl’s Lengpui Airport to inaugurate the 60 MW Tuirial hydropower project.

“Today we gather here to celebrate a significant mile-stone in the history of Mizoram, the completion and dedication of the 60 Mega-Watt Tuirial hydropower project. It is the first large hydropower project in Mizoram which will boost the socio-economic development of the state,” the Prime Minister said while addressing a public rally here.

He added that the project was first cleared by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee back in 1998 but it was delayed.

“The completion of this project is a reflection of our commitment to complete ongoing projects and usher in a new era of development in the North Eastern region. Besides electricity, the reservoir water will also open new avenues for navigation. This will provide connectivity to remote villages and the huge reservoir, spread over an area of 45 square km can also be used for development of fisheries,” Prime Minister Modi stated.

He further said this project will boost eco-tourism and provide a source of assured drinking water supply.

The Prime Minister would later announce the opening of a party office and unveil a plaque for Shillong-Tura National Highway.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit comes as 40-seats Mizoram legislative assembly is expected to take place later in 2018.


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