Populist movement like Modi’s is a risk for the world, says HRW executive

Populist movement like Modi’s is a risk for the world, says HRW executive

Kenneth Roth, Executive of Human Rights Watch (HRW)- an international non-governmental organization that conducts research and advocacy on human rights says, Indian Prime minister does not seem to stop the anti-Muslim propaganda in his country.

“In India, Prime Minister Modi seems not to be able to resist to allowing the Hindu nationalists to spout their anti-Muslims, anti-Minority agenda as a way of building support,” says Roth.

The HRW executive further says that after PM Modi had failed in economic policies implementation and got severely criticized for it, he seems to give more freedom to Hindu nationalists who want to whip up their anti-Muslim hysteria.

The populist movement like Modi’s is a risk for the whole world. On the other hand, there is United States President Donald Trump who is a manifestation of bigger problems, says Roth.

Trump’s populist movement has come to power by demonising minorities, attacking human rights and by undermining democracy, the executive says.

But the good news is the advances that populists possess is limited and with populist movements, there comes resistance. And we have seen resistance in many countries last year, says Roth.

The battle is underway between the populist movements and their resistance and that resistance is worth engaging in.

Human Rights Watch on populism

"There is a battle underway — and it is a battle that is very much worth engaging in." The head of Human Rights Watch outlines why the world needs to stand up to right-wing populism.

Posted by Brut India on Thursday, January 18, 2018

Human Rights Watch is an organisation that pressurises the governments, policymakers and human rights abusers to respect human rights and the group often works on behalf of refugees, children, migrants and political prisoners.

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