President Erdogan focused on bilateral trade at BRICS

President Erdogan focused on bilateral trade at BRICS

New Delhi: The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan exclusively spoke on bilateral economic relations between the two countries in an hour-long meeting with Indian PM Modi on July 27 at the BRICS summit in South Africa said the sources who are familiar with the happenings at the meeting.

The sources claim his focus was exactly opposite of what he previously commented during his last visit to India in May 2017 when he shared his opinion on Kashmir issue and on India’s NSG membership.

The sources spoke on condition of anonymity and said the meeting with the Turkish president was “fruitful”.

During his visit last year, President Erdogan spoke on sensitive Kashmir issue and also recommended that Pakistan should also be given entry into the NSG club at the same time as India. This time, however, the President refrained from any political discussion and is claimed to have focused on discussing bilateral trade in India.

While PM Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin were focused on discussing the current state of US-Russia relations and its unexpected results said the South Block officials.

According to the three officials, the bilateral meeting lasted for one hour forty minutes and PM Modi is claimed to have reassured Russia that India is standing with its old partner.

The two leaders are reported to have discussed issues until 4 am in the morning last June at the International Economic Forum meeting in St Petersburg.

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