Radio Mirchi star- RJ Naved’s advice for you!

Radio Mirchi star- RJ Naved’s advice for you!

RJ Naved the famous Radio Mirchi star recently visited the Bennet University for a small interaction with the new batch of students enrolled in the college.

“Life is much simpler if you are true towards who you really are,” said RJ Naved while interacting with the fresh batch of students at Bennett University on July 26, 2018.

Famous for his show Mirchi Murga, RJ urged the students to believe themselves along with warning them against arrogance which leads most of the people towards destruction.

He spoke about his own experiences that made him to what he is today the famous ‘RJ Naved’.

“I started off from a small town with limited resources. I was never very fluent in English and would always be in awe of people from metropolitan cities,” he recalls.

Before becoming a successful RJ, Naved said he worked in an Airtel Call Centre.

“My biggest learnings have been from the people I have interacted with, both at the Call Centre and as a radio anchor,” he says.

Being creative in your field will open doors for you he says. Encouraging the students to over come their weakness, he said instead make them your stepping stones and use them to achieve excellence.

Recalling one of his assignments, he says, even he faced circumstances he feared the most. “Once, I was asked to prepare a review for the movie Titanic for a segment called Total Filmy. This was when I was not as fluent in the English language as I am now, and I feared not being able to do a good job.”

And Radio as a medium connects me with my audience on one-to-one basis unlike other media’s.

“Radio helps me connect with my audience” he says, adding, “there is truth in radio. It is specific to a city which helps the audience trust and connect with the radio jockey.”

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