Rahul Gandhi unwinding his various shades

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, who was once mocked for his fumbled articulation during his speeches is now stunning everyone with his new poised avatar.

In the backdrop of Gujarat polls, Rahul seems to influence the crowd and pull them to his rallies. The ‘new’ Rahul Gandhi not only talks rational but also wittingly respond to the ludicrous questions.

From calling the roughly implemented ‘GST’ as ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ to criticizing the episodes of Dalits ‘lynching’, Congress vice-president is not shying away to mention government’s fiasco with factual data.

The ‘failed’ demonetisation attempt by Modi government to whitewash India’s economy was also on Rahul’s hit list.

On GST, Congress vice-president says: “Their GST is wrecked with holes, moth-eaten, flawed in its structure, punitive in its design. It is forcing businesses to incur massive transaction costs that are destroying them.”

“Decisions like demonetisation were taken in a unilateral manner, without asking the chief economic advisor or the Parliament. This has caused huge damage to the Indian economy and GDP. Millions of jobs were wiped out because of the overnight cash ban. GST, another economic policy taken by the government has put tremendous pressure on the economy,” daily-O had quoted Rahul as saying about demonetisation.

Rahul Gandhi has arisen, followed by his visit to University of California at Berkeley, where he spoke on the politics of divisiveness, secularism and online troll industry of contemporary India.

Will he be now able to head the Congress party as a president? His preparedness though seems to be promising.

Written by Afreen Pervez

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