Reading Urdu has some serious positive effects on your brain

Reading Urdu has some serious positive effects on your brain

A recent study by the Centre for Bio-Medical Researches (CBMR) in Lucknow has found that reading Urdu passages helps in brain development. Uttam Kumar, a senior faculty member in the department of neuro-imaging at CBMR, has conducted the research.

Reading Urdu involves predominant involvement of the frontal brain which controls a number of cognitive functions like decision making, the ability to determine good from bad, emotional control, coping with stress, processing information and analyzing.

It was found that learning of a language creates a certain pattern in the brain which can be identified by linking different neurons involved. Though the basic contour of this pattern for all languages is the same, the structure tends to be serious at a micro level because of scripts and subsequent speech sounds.

The conclusion was drawn on the basis of mapping the brain of subjects when they read Urdu text for a certain period of time. The mapping was done using functional magnetic resonance imaging technique, a world-class technology used to study structural and functional aspects of the brain.




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