Real guns used for ‘…Jack Ryan’

Los Angeles: Real guns loaded with blanks were used on the sets of “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”.

The Jack Ryan series, authored by Tom Clancy was a bestseller in the 1980s and 1990s. Ryan’s sharp mind and problem solving skills made him one of the most loved heroes of his time.

In the most recent adaptation in the Prime Original series, the producers of the show have recreated the political thriller while retaining the original characteristics of the franchise.

In an attempt to make the series look authentic, a well-trained crew with knowledge of modern arms, heavy artillery, machine guns, pistols and rifles lent expertise to produce the show, starring John Krasinski.

Real guns loaded with blanks were also used on the sets. Only in the scenes where the cast had to perform stunts, real guns were replaced by rubber weaponry, especially when the gun stock was used to hit on the face.

“We really have real guns. And so we fire blank ammunition for safety. Thousands of rounds of ammunition, we’re gonna get through them,” Natalia Lee, armourer and weapons specialist, said in a statement to IANS.

“We’ve got heavy artillery, we’ve got pistols, machine guns and assault rifles. We cover the whole gamut for this. There is a lot of communication, especially with safety and how we can do all of this gunfire really really safe. But make them visually spectacular,” she added.

Written and created by Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland in association with Amazon Prime Video, “…Jack Ryan” is set to premiere on Prime Video on August 31.