Remarks against PM Modi may cost KCR a lot

Remarks against PM Modi may cost KCR a lot

Hyderabad: The remarks made by Mr. KCR may cost him a lot.  Although he has refuted these remarks, BJP and central leadership are not prepared to forgive KCR on this issue.

Authentic sources indicated that Central Govt. has taken a decision to initiate action against TS CM. As part of it, a review of the central funds allocated for various projects to the State would be made. These sources also indicated that it has been decided to sensitize Mr. KCR the “Heat of Lotus” before the summer heat begins.

BJP leaders of Telangana sent a report giving the references of Central Schemes in which the funds have not been spent. An attempt is being made to get the details of expenditure made on Central schemes.

According to sources, central funds have been transferred to State schemes. TRS Govt. would be taken to task for failure of implementation of central schemes and its performance would be exposed throughout the country.

A leader of BJP told that Center granted more funds for the implementation of central schemes. Despite this, TRS leaders have been targeting Central Govt. for not providing sufficient funds.

The situation intensified when KCR made a remark against PM Modi in the recently held farmers’ meeting at Kareem Nagar. The tone and tenor of Mr. KCR against Mr. Modi was allegedly derogatory. After which, Centre has determined to teach him a lesson.

It is alleged that for the past four years, out of the funds released by the center for gram panchayats not even a single rupee has been given to Village Panchayats.

Authentic sources indicated that heavy enhancement was made periodically for irrigation projects in Telangana. It has been claimed that certain irregularities have been committed in spending these amounts. Center has an eye on them. It remains to be seen what kind of action center would initiate against TS Govt.

–Siasat News