Retd engineer to file case in HC against Kaleshwaram project

Making it clear that there was no political force behind him in approaching the Supreme Court on Kaleswaram project, retired irrigation engineer Laxminarayana said he approached the Apex Court only to protect the people from submergence.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday, Laxminarayana said the Supreme Court didn’t dismiss his petition yet. He said he will file a petition in the High Court on Kaleswaram project. He also said wrong signals were going to the people on Kaleswaram project. He alleged that Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao was speaking like a fool on Kaleswaram project. He slammed Harish saying that the Telangana State was being transformed into debt-ridden. He alleged that though the State government escalated the Kaleswaram project estimation from Rs 40,000 crore to Rs 80,000 crore, the project will be completed with Rs 30,000 crore easily.

He also alleged that the Irrigation Minister was taking commissions by hiking estimations in the name of re-designing. The bad thing in the project was that they would lift the water which comes through gravity to 50 meters height using 3-lifts, he said and informed that the lifts needed 1100 mega watts power costing Rs 1300 crore per year. He said that the State will avail 15 TMCFT of water at Thummidihetti and there was no use to Telangana State by entering into agreement with the Maharashtra. The State government was constructing 19 storage reservoirs unnecessarily, he said and informed that 33 to 44 TMCFT of water was enough for second crop. The government was spending Rs 50,000 per acre to provide water. (NSS)

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