Revanth alleges land scam by CM

Revanth alleges land scam by CM

Congress leader A Revanth Reddy today alleged that the TRS government prorogued the Assembly in a hurry only to bring Assignment Lands Ordinance. He alleged that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and Jupally Rameshwara Rao were indulging land scam with the ordinance.

Speaking to the media at Assembly Media Hall here on Monday, Revanth Reddy said the TRS government was bringing the Assignment Lands Ordinance giving an impression that it was doing benefit to beneficiaries, he said and alleged that the KCR family’s thousands of crores of land scam was there behind ordinance. He demanded the Chief Minister to respond on his allegations if the latter had sincerity. He alleged that Jupally Rameshwara Rao was KCR’s benami in the land scam.

Revanth Reddy alleged that 4,000 acres of land was in the hands of Jupally Rameshwara Rao in Shamshabad and Maheshwaram areas. The government transferred senior IAS officer BR Meena from the Revenue Department as he opposed to regularization of the assigned lands located under HMDA purview. Rangareddy district Collector handed over these lands to Rameshwara Rao and the government was brining an ordinance in hurry only to regularise these lands illegally and to benefit Rameshwara Rao.

Demanding the State government to reveal that as to how many acres of land Jupally Rameshwara Rao had in Shamshabad and Maheshwaram areas and as to how many acres were assigned lands among them. He alleged that the state government was brining in hurry only fulfil the Chief Minister’s land and money thirst. He dared Chief Minister to file cases if had guts as he was making allegations against KCR and against his relatives. He revealed that there was a dark angle of this land behind the encounter of Nayeem. He demanded the state government to order an inquiry into this entire land issue.

He asked TRS leaders to answer to his questions instead of provoking him by chiding. He said that one has to ask the people of Muchinthala village to know about the conspiracy behind Nayeem encounter. The details of irregularities of lands across the state were there on the table of the Chief Minister but the Chief Minister was trying to protect his relative MyHome Rameshwara Rao. He demanded the state government to take over the assigned lands occupied by the private people from the land grabbers.

Stating that the then Congress government has brought Land Ceiling Act for the development of poor and for their self respect, Revanth Reddy said that the credit of distributing lands to poor goes to Congress party only. He alleged that the KCR government was trying to Prohibition Assign Lands Transfer Act now. (NSS)

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