Richard Gere performed flamenco dance at wedding

Richard Gere performed flamenco dance at wedding

New York: Actor Richard Gere thrilled his new Spanish bride Alejandra Silva by performing a flamenco dance and singing to her at their wedding reception.

The “Pretty Woman” star exchanged vows with Silva last month, and he made sure his wife had a night to remember by showing off his dance moves, reports

“When we took the dance floor to dance to this flamenco group and just after a couple steps – because I have to tell you, he is a really good flamenco dancer – Richard took the microphone and he started singing. Everybody was so surprised, including myself,” Silva told Spain’s HOLA! magazine.

She said her five-year-old son Albert and Homer, Gere’s 18-year-old son from his marriage to Carey Lowell, were ring bearers at the top secret ceremony.

“The ceremony was beautiful. We exchanged vows and rings – our children were the ring bearers and it was very emotional. I have to admit I cried a lot. When he saw me, Richard said I was the most spectacular woman he had ever seen. And I couldn’t stop smiling. I just replied, ‘I love you’,” Silva said.


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