Riches pilot Sultan of Brunei flies his own jumbo to India

Riches pilot Sultan of Brunei flies his own jumbo to India
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NEW DELHI: He is one of the world’s richest men but still believes in do-it-yourself. Hassanal Bolkiah, the sultan of Brunei, not only pilots the fortunes of his country but also his own aircraft.

When Bolkiah, 71, arrived at the air force station in Palam in New Delhi on Wednesday evening from Brunei for ASEAN Summit, he flew his own Boeing 747.

According to the report, the welcoming party waiting in anticipation to receive the flamboyant royal was surprised when it saw the Sultan of Brunei Darussulam himself coming out of the cockpit.

The brand new Boeing 747 bought for at least $100 million (Rs 545 crore) but valued at Rs 1200 crore because the Sultan spent an additional Rs 654 crore on its customisation.

It is furnished with gold-plated furniture is believed to be one of the world’s most luxurious aircraft.

The sultan, one of the world’s longest-serving monarchs since 1967 has a personal wealth of $40 billion (Rs 218,200 crore).

He is known to have a passion for cars and reportedly owns around 6,000 cars.

His auto empire includes 50 Rolls-Royces and the only right-handed Mercedes CLK-GTR in the world and also owns an Airbus 340 and six small jets.

His palace is said to have 1,788 rooms and he has also built mosques with touches of gold and diamonds.

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