Rohingya plight: 7-yr-old carry 2-yr-old sister on his back for 6 days

Rohingya plight: 7-yr-old carry 2-yr-old sister on his back for 6 days
Photo Courtesy: AP/Gemunu Amarasinghe

TEKNAF: The most heart-wrenching photo of the humanitarian crisis has surfaced on the web.

The photo depicts a 7-year-old Yosar Hossein carrying his 2-year-old Noyem Fatima on his back so that they too could escape the violence in Rakhine.

At a school going age, Yosar, is seen struggling towards challenging journey by holding baby sister and walking barefoot along muddy paths over to the Bangladesh border.

In this Associate Press image by photojournalist Gemunu Amarasinghe, Yosar bears a heavier burden than his school bag.

According to Associate Press, Yosar has lost his father; fire engulfed his house and he had to flee his country in the last two weeks.

His father shot dead when tried to flee but Yosar’s mother, Firoza Begum, and three younger siblings and two aunts and several cousins any how managed to escape.

For days, they walked by eating whatever they could find while making their way to Bangladesh and finally, on Oct. 2, Yosar and family reached to a relative’s house.

Yosar, a 2-grader, who said, “She is very heavy,” and “ I don’t think I can carry her all the way” managed to carry his little sister all the way.

Thousands of Muslim Rohingya refugees including women, children, men and elderly people, have no place to go.

Nearly 520,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar’s western Rakhine state since August 25, when the military launched a sweeping campaign against militants from the Muslim minority.

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