RSS to invite these non-BJP leaders to its event

RSS to invite these non-BJP leaders to its event
Photo: ANI

New Delhi: Congress Chief Rahul stirred controversy after he comapared the radical Muslim brother hood with RSS.

Now unhappy over the comparison, the RSS has decided to invite Congress Chief and other prominent functionaries to its three day lecture series the right wing group is hosting next month, TOI reported.

Responding to Rahul comment, RSS national media chief Arun Kumar said: “Someone still trying to understand India can’t understand RSS. Rahul Gandhi should first learn what Muslim Brotherhood has been doing in different countries. Had he known what Muslim Brotherhood is doing, he would not have compared the RSS with it,” Kumar said.

RSS also known right wing Hindutva or extremist group seems to be in the news ever since BJP has come to power, for all the right reasons with the sudden uprise of vigilantes who boldly take law in their own hands.

Now the group intends to all parties to attend the lecture series so that they get an insight into what RSS stood for.

Congress Chief Rahul while addressing an engagement in London recently, had said that RSS was similar to the Muslim Brotherhood. “I would compare it. And the idea is that one ideology should run through every single institution; one idea should crush all other ideas.”

RSS is giving out invites to non-BJP party leaders after former president Pranab attended the Sangh event in Nagour.

Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat will speak about the RSS and its ideology on the first two days, followed by an interactive session on the concluding day.

“RSS has seen a growing eagerness in large sections of society, including intellectuals and youth, to know the Sangh’s perspective on various issues of national importance,” a RSS functionary said.

He also said that “We want that people understand the organisation in a better way.”

“In 1934, Mahatma Gandhi had attended a Sangh camp in Wardha and held discussions with the first Sarsanghchalak K B Hedgewar on the future of Bharat. Gandhi had informed Sangh volunteers about his visit while addressing them in Delhi on September 16, 1947, and had hailed the RSS for its discipline and austerity,” he added.

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