Rugby gains popularity in Kashmir

Rugby gains popularity in Kashmir

Srinagar: Previously cricket, football and martial arts caught the attention of people in Jammu and Kashmir, but now , the lesser known sport of rugby is gaining popularity across the Kashmir Valley.

Like every sport, rugby too is popular among girls, some of whom have taken it up professionally.

Coach Irfan Aziz Boota said a plan has been introduced to turn budding players into professionals.

“We are converting rugby into a professional sport, but our focus is to develop an academy and a rugby school. We plan to take in children to turn them into educated professional players,” said Boota.

“Not only girls, but also boys from, schools, colleges and universities come to play this sport. Training camps such as these help us to increase our stamina and endurance,” said rugby player Sabreena Khan.

“More and more girls are playing this sport, and for the longest time, we were waiting for these type of camps,” said budding player Afreen Ali.

So far, two girls from the state have been chosen as rugby development officers in the country. (ANI)

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