Run-away bride of Thailand, swindles 8 husbands

Run-away bride of Thailand, swindles 8 husbands

Thailand police are looking for a run-away bride who married with at least 8 men during two years and ran-away after collecting the dowry money from their families.

The matter came to light, only after one of her victims Prasarn Tiamyam, 32, filed a formal complaint against 32-year-old Jariyaporn “Nammon” Buayai, apparently been called out as a scammer on social media a long time ago.

Tiamyam recently saw a Facebook post warning Thai men to stay away from Nammon, and recognized that she is the one whom he married two years ago. She forced him to marry saying that she became pregnant with him. However she disappeared days after the wedding, with a dowry of THB 200,000 ($6,000) and never came back.

Her modus operandi is that that she befriends prospective victims on social media sites, enters into intimate relationship with them and force them to marry, saying she has become pregnant. Same happed in the case of Prasarn as well. They had the wedding at a seaside resort in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.

Oddity central reported, just four days after the event, Jariyaporn told him she had to go help her parents with their fruit business, and that she’d be in touch. Prasarn couldn’t get in touch with her after that, and after a while, he received a phone call from a woman who claimed to be his wife’s niece, telling him that she had lost the baby and he shouldn’t try to contact her anymore.

Prasarn only realized he had been scammed after seeing the warning post doing the rounds on Facebook. As soon as Prasarn Tiamyam’s story showed up in the media, other men also become vocal. One of the victims revealed, the serial bride added him on Facebook in February of this year, and tricked him into depositing a THB 500,000 ($15,000) dowry into her bank account, before disappearing. She just let him know that it wasn’t a good time for her to be married because of a “bad horoscope”.

Another named ‘Wichit”, told that he was in contact with seven other men who had been duped by Nammon through the same modus operandi.

Authorities looking into this bizarre scam have recently visited Nammon’s parents in Nong Khai province but found them to have disappeared. The scammer’s older sister was located but she told that she had severed ties with her sister a while ago, after she failed to return a THB 10,000 debt.