Ruth Wilson refused Marvel role as she found it ‘boring’

Washington: Actor Ruth Wilson has said that she once turned down a role from Marvel Studio as she found the character ‘boring’. The 36-year-old actor said she still looks forward to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and wants to play a ‘baddie’ in a film.

According to report, “I did have an interview for a Marvel thing ages ago. They wouldn’t said what the part was, so I made a questionnaire for the two directors. ‘Is she a baddie?’ They said she was a bit of both. ‘Does she wear leather or latex?’ They said no. I was like, ‘EER-EEER!'” Wilson said.

“I said, ‘How many days filming is it?’ They said 14. I said, ’14? That’s not very long… EER-EEER!’ So I said no. If you want to be in a Marvel movie, you’ve got to be a baddie or a superhero. Just being the girl on the side is boring. I’d be up for being a baddie,” she added.