Ryan murder case: Talwars’ lawyer set to defend suspected teenager

Ryan murder case: Talwars’ lawyer set to defend suspected teenager
Lawyer Tanveer Ahmed Mir. Pic: AFP

New Delhi: After Talwars’ successful acquittal in Aarushi murder case, father of juvenile accused of killing an eight-year-old boy, has hired the lawyer who defended dentist-couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar.

On September 8, Pradhyumn Thakur of class 2 was found dead with his throat cut near a washroom at the school campus.

Lawyer Tanveer Ahmed Mir on Friday, said that he will defend the suspected Class 11 student of Ryan International School.

“Preliminary discussions have taken place with the father of the juvenile accused. Once the terms and conditions are formally finalised, I will be defending the boy,” he said as per a report by Hindustan Times.

Gurgaon police had earlier arrested a school bus conductor, after preliminary investigation. After the probe got shifted to CBI, it arrested Class 11 student and accused him of murdering Pradhyumn to delay school examination.

Juvenile’s father said that police had treated him as a witness, but the CBI accused him of murder.

“My son has been framed by CBI officers … I will try to save my son as he is innocent and will fight to get justice. I will take help of best lawyers in this case. If my son had killed a boy would he be able to behave normally. After all he is also a child. On the day of the murder, he attended his tuition classes that evening and was absolutely normal,” the father added.