Be safe: Know about the usage history of your Adhaar card

Be safe: Know about the usage history of your Adhaar card

A source of identification, Adhaar card that contains the sensitive information of users including their fingerprint and retina scan apart from your address, phone number and name, is not safe and can be misused.

There are up to seven sim numbers, that can be issued with your unique identification number. Your Adhaar card is used for different daily purposes such as the issuance of LPG cylinder and sim cards.

Unaware of the fact that there can be seven sim cards get activated with a single Adhhaar card, you think that the fingerprint can’t be matched for the other users, and the data remain safe.

You can only find out the misuse (if done) on your Adhaar card through finding its usage history.

How to find usage history:

2. Click on ‘Adhaar Authentication History’ in last on the right-hand side of page
3. In the new window opened, put your Adhaar Card number and the given 4 digit-number
4. An OTP would be received on your phone, now put the other info in the window
5. You can now check usage history for the required date range

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