Sarsa Murder Case: Grandmother says father killed children for his extramarital affair

Sarsa Murder Case: Grandmother says father killed children for his extramarital affair
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Chandigarh: After three dead bodies of children recovered from Morni hills near Chandigarh, who were reportedly shot in their foreheads from close range by their own uncle, the grandmother of the children says the accused had committed the crime because he had an extramarital affair.

The bodies recovered were of Sameer(11), Simran(8) and Samar(3) on Tuesday in Morni forest which is nearly 110kms away from the children’s village Sarsa in Haryana’s Kurukshetra area.

According to the police, the killer suspect of the children is their 26-year-old uncle Jagdeep Singh, who allegedly killed them on Sunday to help their father Sohan Malik while the children’s father is currently under custody for interrogation.

The 58-year-old grandmother Dhanno Devi, said: “Three months ago I was told by someone that Sonu was having an affair with a Himachali woman and she used to visit his shop in Kaithal. I didn’t know this will kill my three children, ” demanding strict and maximum punishment for the killer of her grandchildren, added, “I do not want to see his face.”

The grandmother said the children’s Suman has been unconscious since she learned about her children’s death, neither she was speaking with any of the family members since her children disappeared last weekend.

The dead children’s mother and father were professional photographers who operated from Kaithal after they got married in 2005.

Speaking of Suman the neighbours said she was one of the most good-natured woman in their locality.

Neighbour Malkeet Singh said, “Though Sonu had an extramarital affair, we never heard his wife fighting with him. She always remained busy in her house and children. Her children were very intelligent.”

The suspect Jagdeep who is a farmer reportedly told the Police that he killed the children as his cousin Sonu allegedly promised to pay a good amount for the crime after marrying with the woman.

Superintendent Abhishek Garg of Kurukshetra police said, “We are investigating the allegations,” adding that the suspect was remanded for 6 days and shall be further interrogated to reveal the crime details. the suspect is a father to a three-year-old child.

The Police had sent the bodies for autopsies which revealed the children were shot from a very close range where the bullet was fired in their foreheads left their skulls from back of their heads indicating the kids were facing their uncle before they were shot dead.

The brutal triple murder has shocked the village people since nobody has ever heard before a father killing his own children for remarrying.

Sonu’s uncle Balraj Singh said, “About 500 people from the village were searching the kids at Gita Jayanti Mela in Kurukshetra. But on Tuesday, we were told by police that they were killed by Jagdeep. It was shocking.”

It was only after the dead bodies of the children were brought to the home by their grandfather, did the mother and the grandmother of the children learned about their tragic death said the villagers.

Funeral of the children were attended by hundreds of the villagers and relatives of the family.