Saudi Arabia : 1.6 lakhs lawbreakers arrested

Saudi Arabia : 1.6 lakhs lawbreakers arrested
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RIYADH: In view of increasing of violations and lawbreaking in Saudi Arabia, Nearly 160,000 violators of residence, work and border security systems have been arrested, the General Directorate of Public Security said on Friday.

The joint security field campaign was launched in early November to track down and arrest offenders as increase in disruption of the Saudi laws.

According to the statement given by General Directorate of Public Security, the total number of violators who were caught was 159,407, which included 89,651 for violating residency regulations, 45,063 for labor violations and 24,693 who acted in violation of the border security system.

According to article published in arab news, Where as 1,838 people were arrested while chasing to cross the border into the Kingdom, 78 percent of whom were Yemeni citizens, 21 percent were Ethiopians, and one percent were other nationalities. A total of 36 people were arrested for attempting to cross the border to go to neighboring countries.

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A total of 426 people were arrested for involvement in transporting and harboring those who violated the residency, work, and border security, while a total of 71 citizens were arrested for harboring the violators against local regulations.

Security authorities conducted inspections to apprehend illegal workers to curb crimes such as thefts, sorcery, employing illegal workers, brewing liquor and to prevent them being involved in criminal activities.

Most of the crimes in the Kingdom are committed by illegal residents who have overstayed their visas, Police said. As a result, the government has intensified its campaign against residents who have overstayed their visas.