Saudi Crown Prince owns $300 million Chateau in Paris

Saudi Crown Prince owns $300 million Chateau in Paris

PARIS: It has been revealed that the owner of French chateau, the world’s most expensive home, is owned Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.


pic: Gulf insider

According to a report of New York Times, the price of vast property west of Paris has been purchased for $300 million (275 million euros).

Pic: Hindustan Times

The officials of Saudi have declined to comment on the report which declared the Prince as the owner of chateau.

The mansion which looks like a 17th century chateau has modern facilities like cinema, deluxe swimming pool and a moat with a transparent under water chamber.

The mansion is sprawled in 57 acres which also includes manicured gardens, huge fountains and a maze, while the interiors are lavishly decorated with gilding and fresco ceilings.

Pic: Daily mail

The recent report comes after there has been a corruption crack-down on Saudi elite including princes, ministers and tycoons locked up in Riyadh’s 5-star Ritz-Carlton hotel as part of an anti-
corruption campaign.

The report also pointed that the Prince has managed to buy the chateau through a firm managed by his personal foundation called ‘Eight Investment Company’, which also handled his 2015 purchase of a $500 million yacht.

Also, it is reported that the Prince had bought Leonardo da Vinci painting sold for $450.3 million in November.