Science and engineering share a strong partnership:

Science and engineering share a strong partnership:

Noida : Science and engineering are interrelated and share strong partnership since both domains work around scientific models, said an American expert here on Friday.

Inaugurating the 5th International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN-2018) at the Amity University here, Professor Edward Lee of the University of California, Berkeley, said, “Technology has witnessed manifold advancements and the systems developed today are not limited to the physical world, opening avenues for virtual environment.”

Speaking about embedded systems, Professor Lee said, “Economic and societal potential of such systems is huge and major investments are being made worldwide to develop the technology.”

Presently, development and innovations in technology are based on exploring new areas with and ability to create applications which are relevant to human use, he added.

Dr. Reinaldo Valenzuela, Director, Wireless Communications Research Department at Nokia Bell Labs, USA, said, “There has been a tremendous development in wireless technology. It has become difficult to develop something better over existing technology.

Scientists are addressing this challenge by exploring new domains of applications and technology that will enable automation of smart cities, industry, residential life, security, Internet of Things and so on.”

“India is a major player in the IT industry across the globe and is also at the forefront in providing the best knowledge as well as trained human resource,” Dr. Valensula said.

He advised budding professionals that career opportunities exist in the area of improving efficiency of existing networks since currently, the IT market is at a saturation point and service providers don’t have many new customers to offer the services.

“Every aspect of efficiency will become an opportunity for employment.” he opined. He suggested the students to interact and network with participating delegation since multi disciplinary dialogues will aid in germinating new ideas which is the essence of research, knowledge and learning.

The conference has participation of more than 35 delegates from countries such as USA, U.K, Canada, Egypt, China, Kazakhstan, Germany, Vietnam, Iran, Romania ,Japan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Iran, Singapore, Bangladesh, Oman, Bulgaria, Israel, Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan and Sweden.

Welcoming the gathering, Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh said conferences like SPIN enrich the knowledge of the students beyond classroom teaching and groom them as per the industry requirements.

She stressed that the conference aims to be a catalyst in promoting research work by providing an insight about recent advances in the field.

Prof. S.N. Singh, Professor IIT Kanpur and Vice-Chancellor, MMM University of Technology Gorakhpur stressed upon the importance of collaboration and multi- disciplinary research for technological advancements.

During the two day conference, 31 technical sessions and 35 invited talks will be conducted.