Selfie Shocker: Man clicks pictures with dead bodies

Selfie Shocker: Man clicks pictures with dead bodies

Barmer: Nowadays clicking selfies has become ‘a thing’ where people are choosing selfies over humanity.

A picture of a man’s selfie with dead bodies on road is doing the internet rounds. What can be termed as a disgusting and equally shocking, an incident is reported from Rajasthan’s Barmer where the man can be seen clicking selfies with road accident victims as they lay dead succumbing to injuries on Tuesday.

Instead of helping the road accident victims, the man can be seen clicking a selfie with the dead bodies in the background.

Twitteratis has bashed the man for his inhumanity, where one of the twitter users saying: “Humanity at its lowest”.

Another user blamed this apathy as “side-effects” of social media.

“Younger generation have lost their marbles. Add ‘less’ in any feeling you know of and they perfectly represent it,” said another Twitter user.

“Lying dead on road are humans and clicking pictures are not humans…” tweeted another user.

While others wanted such selfie addicts to be punished by the Government.
One of the users tweeted: “Shame on such selfie addict people. Govt should consider booking of such persons under appropriate sections by amending law (sic).”

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