Separatist movements in India are due to Hindu extremists

Separatist movements in India are due to Hindu extremists
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Islamabad, Pakistan: During the launch of a new book, “Separatist Movements In India”, that held in the Muslim Institute on Thursday, it was stated that Hindu extremism has ignited several separatist movements across India.

The speakers said that religious discrimination and dominance of Hindu extremists had started 36 separatist movements in the country, quotes The Express Tribune.

Written by Tariq Ismail Sagar, the book speaks about Indian political and economic conditions. It further mentions that there are more than 36 separatist movements currently going on in the country. Of which 22 are the major ones.

The research done to analyse this discrimination finds a dominance of Hindu extremists as its main cause for the initiation of these separatist movements.

Nawab of Junagadh Jahangir Khanji, Sagar, Muslim Institute Chairman Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali, defence analyst Brigadier Asif Haroon Raja, former ICCI president Zafar Bakhtawari, were among the ones who spoke at the event, organised in Islamabad.

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