“Shaking” KCR made Pawan to tour State to woo people: MRPS chief

“Shaking” KCR made Pawan to tour State to woo people: MRPS chief

MRPS president Manda Krishna Madiga today alleged that TJAC Chairman Prof M Kodandaram, who played a key role in the Telangana movement, had no freedom to tour the State and the MRPS, which also played a role in the movement, was not permitted to go on fast. But the same TRS government, allowed Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan to go round the State.

Speaking to the media at Secunderabad Court here on Wednesday, Krishna Madiga alleged that while the State government deployed police to stop and MRPS chief Krishna Madiga and TJAC chief Prof. Kodandaram, it provided police protection to Pawan Kalyan. He said as K Chandrasekhar Rao’s foundation was “shaking”, he made Pawan Kalyan to protect his party by allowing his tour. He said the actor’s fans were coming to see Pawan Kalyan but not to vote him.

Stating that Pawan Kalyan was praising Chandrababu Naidu’s rule in Andhra Pradesh and KCR’s in Telangana, as asked why Pawan Kalyan was touring in Telangana if everything was fine in the State. Reminding that non-bailable cases were filed against KCR, T Harish Rao, KTR and Amarkanth during Telangana movement, the MRPS chief said he will meet Governor ESL Narasimhan and urge him to initiate action against KCR, KTR and Harish Rao by reviving old cases.

The Chief Minister was trying to suppress the people’s movement, he alleged. MRPS will mount pressure on the Centre to table SC classification bill in parliament and pressurize KCR, who had assured that he would convene an all-party meeting with regard to SC categorization. He said he would convene an all-party meeting before January 27 and on the same day the MRPS will announce its future action plan. (NSS)

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