Shami – Jahan controversy: Hasin responds to Alishba’s clarifications

Shami – Jahan controversy: Hasin responds to Alishba’s clarifications

Kolkata: Indian Cricketer Mohammed Shami is blaming “a third party” for the allegations of domestic violence and extra-marital affairs leveled against him by his wife Hasin Jahan. He has denied the charges.

Meanwhile, Hasin Jahan responding to the clarifications given by Pakistani Model Alishba said that despite facts getting exposed, many residents of India support the cricketer and Alishba. Targeting such people, Hasin said that these people are the follower of Shami and Alishba.
Commenting on the Alishba’s claim that she is a Shami’s fan, Hasin said that the model is not a fan rather girlfriend. Taking names of many other girls, she once again hurled charges that Shami had extramarital relations with many girls.

She appealed to the media persons to stand along with her in the ongoing controversy. She requested the police to arrest Shami and his family.

She further said, “Shami should be beaten on road”. She termed her fight as a battle to uphold the dignity of women. “If I would not have married Shami, I would have name and fame of mine. Although I don’t want all these”, she added.

During the press conference, she made emotional appeals to the mediapersons.

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