Shocker: Jealousy between a gay couple led to death of another

Shocker: Jealousy between a gay couple led to death of another

Mumbai: A gay relationship reportedly turned a man into a murderer taking an ugly turn in the lives of the partners after one of the partners started ignoring and ditched him for another partner.

Jealousy among couples is common but with gay relationships becoming quite common in modern India such incidents and crimes are now being witnessed in these relationships too.

The incident involves three men where a 25-year-old techie died of skull fracture on Sunday after one of the partners attacked him with an iron candle stand.

According to Bandra police where the FIR is registered, three men aged around 25 identified as Unadkat, Raval and Mohammed Asif, have become friends via Instagram and other social media platforms only a few months ago and entered into a gay relationship, TOI reports.

Dhaval Unadkat grew furious on seeing Asif and Raval together when he reached to meet him at his rented home Yasmin Villa at Hill Road at 11.30 am on Sunday.

According to the complaint filed by Asif, Unadkat tried to strangle him with a wire. “On seeing this, Raval intervened and was hit with a candle stand made of iron.”

The duo had started growing distant after Unandkat refused to undergo few medical tests as requested by Asif. Unandkt also a techie is a Kandivli resident and manages his family’s hotel business.

When the victim Raval was attacked his head injury started bleeding and he was immediately rushed to Holy Family Hospital, Bandra, where Raval refused to have stiches for his injury.

The victim was then recommended to go to Lilavati Hospital where advanced technology would be available which will not require him to get stiches.

When doctors at Lilavati advised admission, Raval took discharge against medical advice and died in the evening, said senior inspector Girish Anavkar.

Though Raval was advised for immediate admittance since he suffered head injury he chose to get first aid at Lilavati.

“Raval asked doctors to treat him using some medicinal gel instead of stitching the wound and took discharge against medical advice,” senior inspector Anavkar said.

After Raval was given first aid, the three men returned to Asif’s rented Hill Road villa, and Unadkat soon left for his residence.

Raval did not respond to Asif’s call from another room around 6 pm said the report.

According to Police, Rava who was found unconscious was immediately rushed to Lilavati where doctors declared him brought dead.

The Police has now filed murder, criminal intimidation and attempt to murder charges and arrested Unadkt keeping him in demand till November 9.

Since Raval’s parents are in Dubai, his body was claimed by his cousin. Police said a probe is on.

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