Shocker: Teenager scoops out ‘eyeballs’ of elderly relative

Shocker: Teenager scoops out ‘eyeballs’ of elderly relative

Misbehaving with elders or not respecting them is a result of wrong upbringing which nowadays if not attended and corrected on time can lead to criminal tendencies later in the child’s life.

An 18-year-old boy allegedly gouged out his elderly relative’s eyes in anger and is now charged with first-degree assault, DC reported.

The shocking crime was reported from Minnesota’s Rochester were the boy identified as Mahad Aziz gouged out his 74-year-old relative’s eyes with his bare hands according to reports.

When the cops broke into the apartments they were shocked to see Mahad Aziz straddling his alleged victim. They immediately sprung into action and dragged the teenager away from the victim and handcuffed him.

Aziz is also reported to have brutally beaten the victim which knocked out most of his teeth but the victim is expected to survive the misfortunate tragedy that he was subjected to at his elderly age by a young relative.

Captain John Sherwin talking about the inhuman act said, that the accused teenager might be suffering from some mental health condition and was also reportedly booked into Olmsted County Adult Detention Center where he was charged with first-degree assault.

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