Shocking: Access to 1 billion Aadhar numbers for just Rs 500? How safe is your Aadhar?

Shocking: Access to 1 billion Aadhar numbers for just Rs 500? How safe is your Aadhar?

New Delhi: Central Government of India is keen on making Aadhar mandatory to avail government’s services as well as private services while the data security concerns of these 1 billion Indian citizens are left in the lurch with data breach issues occurring throughout in India.

Time and again the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has maintained that Aadhar’s ecosystem has been designed to ensure data security and privacy but investigative reports reveal the there is not security to these data since it is now easily accessible as it is being made mandatory throughout the country.

A recent investigative report by the Tribune revealed the Aadhar details of I billion citizens is easily accessible.

The paper said one of its reporters availed a service provided by the anonymous seller on WhatsApp who gave him unrestricted access to the 1 billion Aadhar numbers simply by paying an amount of Rs 500 via Paytm to an agent who then gave him a login ID and password to access the 12- digit unique identification number.

He said using the log in the gateway, anyone can enter any particular Aadhaar number in the portal and access all details like name, address, postal code (PIN), photo, phone number and email of the individual.

The paper revealed what is more shocking is that by simply paying an additional amount of Rs 300, the agent would also provide the customer a “software” which could facilitate printing of Aadhaar cards.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is continuing to hear petitions challenging the central government’s imposed decision on making Aadhar Mandatory.

Earlier the Supreme Court had said it would consider constituting a separate bench that would hear the Aadhar pleas challenging ruling party’s move, reported zee news.

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