After signing tax bill Trump offers pens to media

After signing tax bill Trump offers pens to media

Washington: United States President Donald Trump who often uses the term ‘fake news’, for media has offered pens to members of the media fraternity post signing the Republican tax bill into law.

The pens which are otherwise conventionally given to lawmakers who helped work on a bill, were offered to press because Trump signed the legislation after they had all left Washington for the holidays, reported the Hill.

“I have some beautiful pens over here and because all of these folks are either continuing to work down the road or getting ready to leave, and I’m sure they’ll be working very hard also, I think I’m probably going to hand some of them to the press,” Trump said.

Underscoring how watching the news on the morning of the tax bill signing day motivated him to sign the bills early, which he had planned to sign in January otherwise, the president said, “I was going to wait for a formal signing sometime in early January, but then I watched the news this morning and they were all saying, ‘Will he keep his promise, will he sign it by Christmas? And I called downstairs and said get it ready, we have to sign it now.”

The bill’s signing ends the president’s first year in office on a high note.

After signing the two bills, a couple of hours later, the President took to Twitter stating, “Today, it was my great honour to sign the largest TAX CUTS and reform in the history of our country.” (ANI)

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