From singing to militancy, then back to singing with Coke Studio

From singing to militancy, then back to singing with Coke Studio

Coke Studio Pakistan: The traditional Kashmiri folk song of love and separation has brought back thousands of young admirers in the Valley, but the most interesting thing about this song is its singer, Altaf Ahmad Mir.

In the year 1990 Altaf Ahmad Mir was only 22 years old when he left his home in Kashmir and went to Pakistan to become a militant. But now, After 28 years his voice has brought him back to Kashmir. Altaf Ahmad Mir is 50 years old now and winning the internet.

It has been a long journey from music to the militancy and then back from militancy to music for Altaf Ahmad Mir of Janglat Mandi in Anantnag, now based in Muzzafarbad in Pakistan. When Altaf Ahmad Mir, left his home in Janglat Mandi in Anantnag and went to Pakistan in 1990, he wanted to become a militant. But even after almost three decades later, while Mir is yet to return home, he has sent back a song that is winning hearts in Kashmir and outside.

When Coke Studio Explorer began hunting for fresh talent in Pakistan, Mir found the break he had been waiting for. Mir became an overnight star on the internet when Pakistan’s Coke Studio released a song written by the popular poet of Kashmir Ghulam Ahmad Mehjoor.

Mir sang “Ha Gulo” to the accompaniment of the traditional ‘Sarangi’ and the Kashmiri ‘Tumbaknari’ — two prominent musical instruments. In less than 24 hours, it was viewed on the Youtube channel by thousands of music lovers throughout the world and being shared on social networking sites.


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