SmartQ acquires Goodbox’s digital cafeteria business

SmartQ acquires Goodbox’s digital cafeteria business

New Delhi: SmartQ, a Bengaluru-based leading online food tech platform on Friday announced acquiring of the Digital Cafeteria business of Goodbox which provides mini apps to businesses.

The acquisition, which is a part of the company’s long term strategy to aggressively increase its footprint across India will help Goodbox to continue its current focus on the hyper-local delivery business for groceries, pharmacies, etc.

“This is another important landmark for SmartQ as it reinstates our position as a leader Digital Cafeteria Business. Goodbox already has an existing customer base of 10+ MNCs across the country. Post the acquisition, SmartQ will further strengthen its digital cafeteria business by adding Goodbox’s customer base to the portfolio,” said co-founder and CEO, SmartQ, Krishna Wage.

“Next few years are very important for us as an organization. To take the organization to the next level of strategic growth, we are further scaling up our product portfolio, service offerings and business strategy,” added Wage.

SmartQ has clocked more than 1 crore transactions in last one year. Experiencing a 50 percent month-on-month growth with over 1,20,000+ daily transactions, SmartQ has grown to 100+ locations in India and globally.

Addressing various challenges faced by employees and caterers, SmartQ enhances cafeteria and food-court experience by eliminating queues, minimizing wait time, increasing collaborative work time. By enabling corporate employees to place their orders through multiple means, SmartQ implements its innovative and cutting-edge product digital cafeteria Solutions.

SmartQ is the exclusive technology partner with some of the largest food service providers in the world. SmartQ plans to expand their horizons to multiple other sectors where there are queue issues and ultimately remove queue from the face of the earth. (ANI)

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