Sonic Soak-Innovative Ultrasonic cleaner

Sonic Soak-Innovative Ultrasonic cleaner

New Delhi: With innovation and increasing technology daily chores are one step closer to becoming simpler and easier by each passing day.

A new innovation that can make washing clothes easier, anywhere, if not at home has now been innovated. No, this is not the conventional folding mini washing machine which works at your leg press but this device is as small as a charger that uses ultrasonic technology to beat the stains and clean them for you.

Meet the innovation- Sonic Soak, world’s smallest ultrasonic cleaner that you can easily carry around like a mobile phone or anything else that easily fits in your pocket.

So what is this pocket-friendly Sonic Soak? Sonic Soak generates modulated ultrasonic waves that travel through the water to disintegrate dirt and bacteria at the microscopic level. These ultrasonic waves in the water create high-pressure bubbles that would push away dirt and other unwanted nanoparticles sticking to the cloth’s surface or any other item.

How does this mini washer works? Soak the cloth in a bowl of water and plug the Sonic Soak to the socket and see the ultrasonic magic work by this tiny machine. Rinse it after the timer stops, dry your cloth and here you go clean and fresh clothes that have just not been washed at the surface level but have been cleaned at the microscopic level. The ultrasonic cleaner cleans pretty much anything.Check out the video.

If you are interested in having one then head over to indiegogo and bid an amount for the tiny product.

The company is expected to deliver it to you in a two months after the order is placed.

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