Stipend to VJNT and SBC Students Studying in ITI, Maharashtra 2017-18

Social Justice & Special Assistance Department, Government of Maharashtra announces an award of stipend to VJNT and SBC students who are studying in approved ITIs.

The key objective of giving this award is to motivate the students belonging to VJNT and SBC categories and raise their interest in technical education.

an applicant must-Be a trainee of any approved I.T.I.Belong to V.J.N.T. or S.B.C. category.Not have the income of parent or guardian more than INR 65,290 per annum.

How to apply:
Eligible candidates can apply for the scholarship offline through their respective ITIs.

Step 1: Get the application form from the concerned ITI.

Step 2: Fill in all required details.

Step 3: Attach necessary documents.

Step 4: Submit it to the concerned ITI.