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Stray cattle: A menace in villages of Uttar Pradesh

Stray cattle: A menace in villages of Uttar Pradesh

Lakhimpur Khiri: Due to the shut down of slaughter houses in UP by CM Yogi Adityanath’s government, there has been created a menace in the villages across Uttar Pradesh. The stray cattle have nowhere to go but to destroy crops or gathering on the roads.

In a school of the village in Lakhimpur Khiri, villagers have barred around 200 cattle in its premises. They have barricaded the school with bamboos.

Whether it is the banana field or wheat, villagers say that the stray cattle rush into the crops and destroy them round the clock. A farmer can’t even rest for an hour lest loses his crop.

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On asking the pradhan of the village about the issue, he said: “All the villagers have taken this step of keeping the stray cattle barricaded in the school in order to send their message to the administration.”

“Our village is suffering a lot as cattle have destroyed the fields of a number of villagers. Sugar cane, which was just about to be harvested, has been completely destroyed,” he added.

On questioning them about the education of the children, a villager said: “How can they study when there is no food in the house.”

“We want all the cattle to be kept in a shelter or to be left in a place other than the roads and our fields,” he said. “We have made several attempts and put forward our plight in front of the administration but no action was taken by them,” he added.

“There is no money left with us, farmers take the loan to get married their daughters but our crops are destroyed, we have not left with any other option,” another villager said.