To strengthen Indian Democracy, Judicial Independence must be safeguarded

To strengthen Indian Democracy, Judicial Independence must be safeguarded

For the first time in the Indian history, the four judges of the Supreme Court came infront of the media and expressed concerns of the threat to Indian democracy and Judicial independence.

The four judges Justice Chelameshwar, Justice Gogoi, Justice Kurien Joseph and Justice MB Lokur leveled allegations against the Chief Justice of India Deepak Mishra.

The allegation was that Chief Justice Deepak Mishra does Bench fixing by selectively handing over the politically sensitive cases to the Junior Judges from whom favorable judgement can be expected.

One such case was handing over of death of Judge Loya case to Arun Mishra who is very close to BJP leaders. Other politically sensitive cases have also been handed over to Arun Mishra.

Sahara-Birla dairies corruption charges against Narendra Modi during his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat, was handed over to Arun Mishra who did not order for further investigation in the case.

After the four Supreme Court Judges came out in open, social media propaganda has been going on to defame the four judges. Even the mainstream media which is very close to BJP, began to target these four judges.

But they forgot that these four judges gave important judgments which protected the individual rights and also strengthened democratic foundations.

Justice Chelameshwar declared Right to Privacy as fundamental right, and also declared that Aadhar card should not be made mandatory. Justice Chelameshwar declared section 66A of IT Act as unconstitutional.

Judiciary is one of the four pillars of Indian democracy. If democracy is to be strengthened, Judicial independence must be safeguarded.

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