Stuffed Tomato

Stuffed Tomato


Five tablespoons (boiled rice)

1 onion, cut into pieces

A pinch of cinnamon powder

6 large tomatoes

Salt and pepper

1 table spoon mint, cut into pieces

Two tablespoons gram

To prepare the batter:

75 ml (ml) Yogurt

75 gms of gram flour

2 eggs

1 tsp salt

1 tsp coriander powder

To prepare Gramflour-Mole Masala:

1/2 tsp mustard

1/2 tsp mole

A pinch of asafoetida

1 table spoon oil


4-6 green chillies:

2 tablespoon gram flour

2 teaspoons of coriander seeds


Cut the top part of the tomatoes. Remove the bees from the center.

Mix the stuffing material together. Insert Seasoning in it

Fill the mixer inside tomatoes.

Repeat the cut portion from above.

To prepare the batter:

Mix all the ingredients to prepare batter together and mix thoroughly.

Pour over tomatoes. Throw them in the stick

Bake in hot tandoor or oven.

Serve with gram flour and masala.

To prepare the spices:

Heat oil in a pan and fry it with coriander and mustard seeds.

Add asafoetida and sesame seeds in it as well.

Mix well and add gram flour to it.

Fry it until brown.

Then add chillies and salt to it. Serve with tomatoes.