Sudhir Commission submits second report on reservation

Sudhir Commission submits second report on reservation

Hyderabad: Sudhir Commission of Inquiry which was set up to review and suggest reservations for Muslims submitted its second report in which details of reservations given in the 7 neighbouring states are furnished. These states are Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala and West Bengal.

It may be mentioned that in Maharashtra, it is 53%, in Tamil Nadu, 69% and in other states, more than 50% reservations have been provided. In Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and A.P. separate reservations have been provided for Muslims whereas, in other states, Muslims have been included in the category of BCs.

The commission has reviewed intensely the reports and the procedures for providing reservations in Gujarat, Rajasthan and AP.

In A.P., Kapus have been given 5% reservations whereas in Rajasthan and Gujarat governments have plans to provide reservations for Gujjars.

Reviewing the status of reservations in the 7 states, Sudhir Commission of Inquiry has advised the government of TS for reservations. The commission also reviewed that in case Govt. provides reservations to Muslims and STs, BC communities might get irritated which form 55% of the total population of the State. They might make an objection that without raising their reservation of 25%, reservations are being increased for other communities. The commission has also suggested giving due share to Muslims in Startup Skill and other petty trades.

It may be mentioned that commission is considering the proposal for sub plan for Muslims as suggested by Dept. of Minorities Welfare.

It may be noted that the commission is headed by Mr. G. Sudheer, IAS (Rtd.). Its members are: Prof. Mohammed Abdul Shaban, Prof. Amerullah Khan and Mr. Mohammed Abdul Bari. The commission is engaged in reviewing the budgets provided by various states for minorities.


–Siasat News