Superstition forces UK return Farzana, an MBA to beg in Hyderabad

Superstition forces UK return Farzana, an MBA to beg in Hyderabad
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HYDERABAD: The blind beliefs in superstition are still thriving and people’s practice of approaching the self styled godmen or Babas are still prevalent in India.

50-year-old Ms. Farzana is one among such people.

An MBA degree holder and once worked as an accounts officer in London before returning to City, Farzana was found begging on the streets of Hyderabad.

She was  picked up and admitted at Anand Ashrams (special homes),  a shelter for beggars that is run by the prisons department within the Cherlapalli Central Prison.

Speaking in fluent English to The Siasat Daily Correspondent, the middle-aged woman usually referred as “madam” told her story behind why she was at the shrine and opted to beg.

As per media reports, Farzana, who owns a luxury apartment had lost her husband and has been facing hurdles in her life for the past two years.

She therefore approached a godman seeking a remedy, and on his advice started begging near the Shrine.

Her son, who is an architect and is based in the US when contacted by the authorities subsequently, confirmed this that to overturn her tashil (ill luck), her mother apparently took to begging at the Dargah on the directions of a godman.